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Download and play our game, Dawn of Civilization and win Rp 50K worth of mobile data for one winner every week!

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The Challenge

Do you play DOC? Do you want to win our weekly prizes? Play more mini-games, collect as many stars as you can, and participate in our survey!

DOC Character
DOC Character


  1. IDR 50.000 worth of internet data.
  2. Get your best photo and your story to be featured in our social media.
  3. Get your name to be listed on our Hall of Fame.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Weekly Challenge participants should play on the updated version of Dawn of Civilization (minimum v1.1.9).
  2. The challenge will start on Wednesday 07:00 A.M. GMT+7 and will end on Sunday 11.59 P.M. GMT+7.
  3. The challenge participants are not restricted to any nationalities and geographical locations.
  4. The non-Indonesian SIM card holders are eligible to participate and win the prizes except for the internet data prize.
  5. The internet data can only be redeemed for pre-paid Indonesian SIM card number.
  6. The challenge participants should collect the stars by playing on DOC's mini-games. The counted stars in the challenge should be obtained during the challenge period only. The star counter will be stopped when the challenge ends and will be reset when the new challenge starts.
  7. The internet data prize cannot be monetized or exchanged to other forms of the prize. The winner can redeem the internet data prize within a week after the announcement. After one week period is passed, the prize will be expired.
  8. The weekly winner's photo will only be featured once on our Social Media. Therefore, the winner should submit her/his best photo.
  9. The participants should fill and submit the feedback form (survey) before the challenge period ends. For those who do not send the feedback, they will not be eligible to win the prizes.
  10. If more than one participants get the same amount of stars in the same challenge period, the one who reaches that amount first will be chosen as the winner.
  11. Participants have to keep in mind that the game needs an internet connection to send the player's score to the server. So, for the participants who prefer to play the games offline on a regular basis, they must at least sync the game to the internet before the challenge ends to update their progress.
  12. Cooldown period is provided to give a chance to other weekly challenge participants and to avoid the same participants winning the prize in three consecutive weeks. The participant who has won the challenge is eligible to join the next challenges for the next two consecutive weeks, but he/she will not be able to be the winner.
  13. The users who want to participate in the challenge should link their real E-mail and Facebook account to their DOC account because we will notify the winners via E-mail and/or Facebook.
  14. The user should input the same Mayor and City name both in the game and the survey form.
  15. If there is no response from the winner within 3 days after the winner announcement, we will give the reward to the participant who has the most stars after the actual winner.
  16. We reserve the right to choose the winner and/or disqualify any participant if we notice that there is cheating in the challenge.

DOC Character
DOC Character


Why my account name not appeared in the challenge standing?

Upgrade your account to online account by connecting it to Facebook and/or enter your email to the game. Can be done from setting menu.

I'm skipping the notification for upgrading account, now I cannot upgrade my account to online account. Help.
I'm the top player on the standing, why I'm not winning the challenge?
  1. You re in the cooldown period due to winning previous (or the one before that) challenge.
  2. You are not submitting the survey form.
  3. The email that you submitted in the survey or used on your account cannot be reached by us.

I have submitted wrong SIMcard number to redeem the reward, may I revise the number?
I have submitted wrong photo, may I revise it?
I want to win! How to get the stars?
I won the challenge. When will I receive the rewards?
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The winner of this challenge period is:

This user is in cooldown period and can not win current challenge session.
Don't forget to fill out the survey. Gaining many stars will not guarantee you to win the challenge if you forget to submit it.
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